Query design information in DWG files

With the Design Automation API, you can create custom applications to query the objects and their properties in a DWG file. For example, you can read the radii and dimensional characteristics of geometric objects, extract attribute values from blocks for use in an external database, or check for CAD standards compliancy.

See the Design Automation API tutorials
Convert DWG files to other formats

With the Design Automation API, you can convert DWG files to other file formats. For example, you might want to convert 3D models to STL files that can later be 3D printed or maybe you need to convert hundreds of DWG files to PDFs as part of a bid submission.

See the Convert a DWG to a PDF Files tutorial
Create new DWG files

With the Design Automation API, you can create new DWG files based on established CAD standards and custom content. For example, you might get dimensional values or project information in the form of input provided by the user of an application, and generate new designs based on the input provided. The new DWG file created can be based on an existing DWG or DWT file.

See the Jigsawify Sample

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